About Us

Lone Star Chili Spices was started by chili cooks who decided to work towards promoting chili and helping chili cooks with spices. We have cooked chili for 22 years and have known Melodie & Doyle Smith for many of those years. We have all worked to promote the good of chili at cook-offs. We also worked the Folk Life Festivals for many years in San Antonio, Texas promoting chili as the state "Dish of Texas". We have worked hard at educating people on the art of cooking chili and encouraging new chili cooks. We also encourage promoters at larger chili cook-offs to have a junior division; this is a good way to introduce chili cooking to young people.



We have become very close to our Chili family and work very close with and beside them at many functions. Clyde is on the Board of Texas Ladies State, Texas Men's State & The Texas Open Chili Championship. We put in many hours with our local Pods working at the Pod cook-off's each year. We raise money for different organizations that are in need of funds to stay running; such as  volunteer fire departments, battered women shelters, food banks and non-profit dog rescue shelters. We also support the CASI Scholarship Fund. As the saying goes; "It takes a village to raise a child." It takes a lot of chili cooks to put on an event, and without our fellow chili cooks; we would be nothing.



We are lucky that two of our children either cook chili or BBQ. We hope that it continues and maybe two of our six grandchildren will cook chili.



I said 25 years ago that one day, I would like to own a business. I now have realized what I would like to do. It has taken me this long but, with a husband and two very good friends that are backing me all the way, I have faith. Our three children probably think we are off our rockers, but it`s one day at a time for now. Our goal is fast, friendly service with fresh spices.



We hope you visit with us at a chili cook-off real soon!


Thanks for taking the time to visit our website,

Charmaine Rogers